Cutweetup mnikr etc

Went to the first cutweetup.
It was at Boltini’s which is a martini bar in Champaign.
Talked with Brian Marick for a bit.
He explained Micro-Scale Retro-Futurist Anarcho-Syndicalism. Which is about as complicated as it sounds. Or not, I am too tired to explain, but he talked about it at mwrc.

I also chatted with some CS students from UIUC, working on social projects. One of them had developed a twitter app for hungry CS grads to notify others in the building when they wanted food, that they might pool their efforts and cash.

There were also some more entrepreneur, businessy type people and some twitter groupies(yes they exist). But, I mostly didn’t talk to them.

My friend Brendan has started a reputation market/identity tracker called mnikr. I am in the top ten right now, but I expect that to change.