Up too late out of ideas

Play is important. Must institute changes in life. again.
Also, TED is awesome if you didn’t know already.
I give you Stuart Brown’s presentation.

  • I had a similar problem of no play, all work– annoying because it’s not that I don’t *have* games (I have HL2 orange box, which I love, especially TF2), but I have to reboot into Windows to do them… so it’s high-impact if I want to play for a bit. No good.

    However, I just finally broke down and got the MacHeist bundle, then created a throwaway Twitter account and got Multiwinia too as a free addon– so now I have two *great* games (World of Goo is the other), plus all that neat MacHeist stuff. So it turns out that it *isn’t* just a scam after all (like I thought when I was still in the PC world).

    Anyway, something to consider. You’ve got a bit < 24 hours if you want MacHeist, but in general, the “get a couple of games that are easy to open for 20-30 minutes” thing works for me.