Beef Brisket And Stuff

America’s test kitchen is awesome. Cook’s Illustrated is my favorite print magazine. And, their recipes totally rock(America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook is a great reference). They are also composable, the recipes I mean.

Behold Sara and I’s creation, the beef brisket sandwich.

Barbeque Brisket Sandwiches

We made a rub (Basic BBQ Rub pg 399), and used the recipe on page 401 for BBQ beef brisket as inspiration. Inspiration, because we a) don’t have a BBQ and b) it was raining anyway.

We let the rubbed meat marinate overnight in the fridge and put it in the oven after we woke up, around one. We used this pretty awesome dutch oven that we got from the previous tenant and used the Slow Roasted Beef pg 348 recipe as a guideline for the roasting. Then added a few more hours till the brisket was ‘fork-tender’, which I translated to falls apart with little prying.

While that was going on we made BBQ sauce(Texas-style Barbecue Sauce pg 634). At first we didn’t cook it enough so it was too vinegary, but some more time over the heat mellowed it and let the sugars from the molasses break into more palatially interesting compounds.

Also, I made some sauce from the deglazed frond(French for the gunk on the bottom of the pan) that had some real kick due to all the spice that was in the rub. Spicy.

I’d call it a success.

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