Bobcat Classic in VFF

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August 22nd I ran the Bobcat Classic‘s 5k in my Five Fingers. 5 kilometers took me 29:50 which I think is pretty good considering I am not in the best shape.

I learned about the run in late July through an alumni association email. It sounded like fun, but I wondered if it was feasible, so I went out and jogged around a nearby park. It didn’t kill me, so I decided to do it.

I jogged about three times a week leading up to it, to make sure I was in shape enough, and to get my feet adjusted to running in my VFF. And it did require some adjustment. Even though I’ve had mine for a while, running in them is exercises somewhat different muscles than just walking around. My calves were unhappy with me until they adjusted to having to do more work.

The course for the 5k was not too bad. It passed through a parking lot and some residential streets and some bike/foot paths. These were the most annoying because of the gravel.

Gravel is about the most annoying thing to walk on in VFF. Small to medium rocks hurt a little when moving at speed. On the other hand, my feet have adjusted to that too, so while it hurts at the time, the feeling goes away fairly quickly.

Overall it was a fun experience and I would like to do something like it again.

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