Scrubyt On A Server Workaround

So you got some awesome scraper script and you want to deploy it to your server but you don’t want to have to install firewatir. Or, you don’t want to pull in the firewatir gem because you are not planning on using it. Whatever.

Problem: scrubyt
requires the firewatir gem

Hacky Solution: comment out the require

But where you ask?

/lib/scrubyt/core/navigation/agents/firewatir.rb line 1

This works on the current rubyforge version(0.4.1).
Recommended: Or, you could just use the version on github that is fixed(see commit)

grab the files via git or archive from


cd scrubyt-somehash
rake gem
gem install pkg/scrubyt-0.4.26.gem

Not as nice as using jeweler where you can just `rake install` it, but pretty nifty none the less.

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