Mountain West Ruby Conf Rocked This Year

Mountain West Ruby Conf this year was awesome. I totally had a blast.

It was the third time I’ve gone to it. It was my first conference and still is my favorite. I got to meet Matz, I gave a lightning talk, I met all sorts of interesting people and I learned a bunch of new things. To quote Matz, MountainWest RubyConfはすばらしかった。

Matz & me

Things to revisit

  • Rack(1.1.0 in particular)
  • Chef(looks better than the last time I poked at it)

New things(to me)

  • RVM(rvm looks pretty handy, especially for cross vm library development)
  • Hubris(this might be a neat way to get into Haskell development)

My lightning talk

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