Right Scale API gem

I was frustrated with the client libraries available for the RightScale API, so I wrote my own. It’s reasonably complete, but doesn’t currently have tests.

Mostly it arose out of a need to automate things and my desire to make something pretty clean.

I didn’t like the API’s of the existing libraries much, so I wrote my own.

It is fairly bare bones at this point, but I have been using it for a few months and it works for me.

Check it out:


Further reading/References(Others’ Right Scale API gems & libraries):

github.com/robertcarr/RightAPI — not a gem yet

github.com/moneypools/right_api — little in the way of docs, feels pretty raw

github.com/joshuabates/rightscaler — pretty neat, activeresource based, have not tested though

github.com/dmichael/rightscale-api — uses httparty, missing most of the objects available

github.com/ktheory/rightscale_api_wrapper — not gemified, not great

github.com/stewartmckee/Rightscale-API-Gem — fuller implementation, but since it doesn’t use httparty, restclient, or activeresource, the source is really verbose

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