Fencing in Namba

I went fencing again last night.
I fence epee, which is lucky for me because most of the people in the club do as well. Last semester, I tried looking for fencing practice, but I was still too worried about my Japanese skills. I started going to the Osaka Fencing club meetings 3 weekends ago on the off chance it would be fun. And, unsurprisingly, I enjoying myself.
The club is free, though it is a bit far from where I live.
I don’t have any of my fencing gear here, but I had my parents send it to my host families house. So, I have been using other people’s equipment. The club doesn’t really have any(it is free). But they do have some masks. The loaner masks are too small for my head and glasses, which made the first week a little difficult. But yesterday I wore my contacts and avoided that problem.
The other problem is that they are old masks and so the bib is really small. A proper mask should have enough bib to cover the neck effectively. I got hit in the throat last night and that hurt, probably more than it would have if I had a better mask. I wanna buy one, because my mask at home is getting old too and it would be nice to have a new one.
So, there is a fencing shop in Kyoto that I plan on visiting in the future.

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