Wine and Bullets

I got Counter Strike working on my Linux laptop. So, now I can get my fix of being shot at by swearing 14 year-olds.
I am currently running Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu is indeed a word, unlike some other things like Mandriva. It comes from Africa and has something to do with choice, community and stuff. Or, at least that what the video of Nelson Mandela said.
If you didn’t notice, this post is slightly more random than normal.

It is midterms week and I am wee bit stressed and unfocused at the moment.

Next week I am going to Hokkaido. That’s the cold northern island for those of you who don’t deign to look at maps of Japan.
It should be cold. I might go skiing, I might not. Depends on how I feel.
My friend from highschool, Ryan lives there. He is teaching and stuff. We’ll probably hang out.

Regularly scheduled programming, in so far as it exists, will return after next week.

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