Wii Fit w00t

After looking half heartedly for months. I found the amazon fitmob SMS service that lets you know when they have the Fit in stock. They sent me a message 5 min before I could buy it and then I went to the mobile site and bought it.


According to the Fit, I am 24 which isn’t bad I guess, since I am 23 1/2 really.

The balancing games are especially interesting in how they map actions onto a different control mechanism than I am use to. This one isn’t as intuitive as the Wiimote, but is almost as approachable. On the other hand, things that would be trivial to do using a regular controller become more difficult because they use a different set of motor skills.

The interesting thing is that I feel like though the low level mapping is different, the internal model of the game I am using hasn’t really changed–I am just using a, currently, less sophisticated system to drive my interactions than my hands. With practice, my wetware should adapt.
In other words, I should improve my balance using the Wii Fit.

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