Crazy Shoes Day 3

My VFF(Vibram FiveFingers for those not in the know) feel even more like my feet. I am still not entirely use to them though–I still get the giggles thinking ‘I am barefoot AND yet I am wearing shoes’ every so often.

It rained today. I successfully tested the shoes in wet conditions, as well as mall conditions. Champaign has this really big mall that has sucked the life out of the smaller, more centrally located one in Urbana(not surprisingly). It was a good test wet asphalt followed by corporate tile and occasional carpet.

I talked with a shoes salesman who was unable to have and yet envious of my shoes. Apparently, his big toe is not the longest by a good margin. This I have read can be a problem. Luckily for me I didn’t have that one.


At first, the VFF, or crazy shoes as Sara calls them, felt a little loose and I was afraid that I might need a size smaller. But since adjusting the strapes, they have been awesome.


So, the VFF are snug. And Comfortable. I guess I could be called a satisfied customer.

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