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JoCo Woah

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Went up to Chicago and saw Jonathan Coulton on Saturday. It was pretty awesome. Paul and Storm opened for him, as well as singing backup for a number of his songs. What would have been more awesome?

The night before apparently. Two of my fandoms collided in what must have been a sweet explosion of goodness.

Chicago was fun though. We went up on Friday and spent Saturday afternoon wandering. We walked around downtown, and got internet at the library, after trying starbucks–forgetting that they changed wifi carriers and you need a special card now or something. Grr, corporate greed, grr. The library was this big, new building that felt like a WPA project but according to wikipedia was built in ’91.

A small culture shock was seeing several people watching porn on the lab computers. It was a little surprising. And distracting.

I didn’t have a Chicago pizza, but I did have a ridiculously dressed hot dog.

Hot Dog with everything

Hot Dog with everything

The show was excellent. Chicago can be very expensive, but the hot dogs are delicious.

Too Many Drafts

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

One of guidelines I have been sticking to in my newly reborn blogging adventure is to avoid using drafts where possible.
Honestly I don’t know what I have against drafts, except that I have this pile of them from when I was in Japan, 2 years ago now.
I started this blog then, thinking that it would be good to have a journal of all the things I did while I was there, the second semester anyway. Along the way I left unfinished many stories of my travels. Some more unfinished than others.
That pile of drafts I ought to finish was a part of why I didn’t write much here in the intervening 581 days or so(Date.parse('january 5th 2009')-Date.parse('jun 5th 2007')). Since I have begun blogging again, from time to time I look at the list of old orphaned things and wonder if I shouldn’t post the good ones and get rid of the ones I will never get around to.
So, if you see any posts that start with funny characters and seem to talk about my time in Japan, that’s why.