TED, Inspiration, Etc

When I was in Japan, I was introduced to TED by one of my professors( he does presentationzen). Since then I have gone to their website every now and and again to watch the amazing and inspiring talks they have. One of the reasons I think TED is so great is that it puts a big emphasis on really good presentations. It probably also has an amazing back channel, hallway atmosphere–whatever. I was going to say something about how it costs a lot to attend, but after reading some of the registration info, I saw that it is more complicated than that. You need to apply to even attend the conference.

So, the presentations are awesome.

My Senior year of my CS degree, I would spend my lunches in the ACM room, watching TED talks and occasionally taking naps. I often stayed up too late and was tired in the middle of the day. A tradition I am still continuing as you would know by looking at the times I post on my blog.

And now for something moderately related.

I have been interested in the effect of mobile communications on social interaction for a while now, so I found this funny, especially since I am interested in getting a smarter phone than my current.

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