Charles Stross

Every so often I go through a new author reading phase. Sort of like when your machine learning algorithm adjusts some variables and becomes more exploratory, only less intentional.

Though, saying that I have picked up, the awesome Charles Stross’s work only recently, would be incorrect. I started reading/devouring his works around a year ago. However, recently I found his blog, a list of other works of his and realized that the local library had copies of some of them.

So that is where my free time has been going of late. Merchant Princes, Toast and Glasshouse

The book that started it, though, was the The Atrocity Archives, a Lovecraftian Coldwar-spy-story-ish tale with a sysadmin as the main character. I read it in two days and two sittings. Freaking sweet.

One of my other favorite authors of recent readings(The Graveyard Book was wonderful, of course) also has a penchant for darker stranger dare I say Elder things. Neil Gaiman weaves a good tale, spins a good yarn. And, having won the Newberry, is giving a speech at the ALA conference. Oh, and I am going to see it.

Should be awesome.

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