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Cupping It Up at The Cup

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

I brought my cup to The Cup, so I could drink my cup of latte from The
in my own cup that I got from the Museum of Science and
. It’s got the periodic table on it. I fancy it looks quite spiffy.


Food of the Last Few Weeks

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Cook’s Illustrated, who I have a love-hate relationship with, has a
seriously awesome cookie recipe. Just look at these suckers.

Cookies In Rows

Sara made these a while back and they turned out so good, we had to
make a second batch. I took it to work. Sorry, I don’t have any pics
of the bounty there–the morsels were eaten too quickly. Here’s the
best I can do:

Cookies, Eaten

I roasted some venison, which turned out a bit bloody and was too gamey
for Sara. But me and the dog liked it a lot. I really like roasting
things; I’m a little obsessive about it(ask anybody whose had my chicken). And, my favorite roasting
author is Barbara Kafka. If you stick large hunks of meat into ovens
from time to time, you should really check out her philosophy. I’m a


Also, I did some stir fry from frozen veggies + bacon, because bacon makes everything better. Sara cooked some gyoza to go along with it. It was really easy.


The next morning I made fried rice with the leftover rice, I think it turned out rather well. And, the smily face out of sriracha hot sauce, gives it that extra oomph.

Happy Fried Rice

RubyConfX: Awesomesauce!? Hells Yes!

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

RubyConf X in NOLA last week was epic.


Seriously though, I had a rocking time. I gave part of a talk, I talked to an amazing amount of awesomely smart people and just generally enjoyed my ass off.

It was the first RubyConf I’d been to, and I think the biggest conference I’ve gone to yet as a developer(ALA doesn’t count). I liked being in New Orleans again, surrounded by Jazz and a culture that contains people who think it is perfectly reasonable to drive around playing a trombone out of a car window. It’d be awesome if RubyConf was there next year.

My talk went pretty well I think, though I wish I’d taken more time to practice. It didn’t help that I hadn’t met my co-speaker, Bob Aman before the conference. But, it worked out pretty well, I think (speakerrate may or may not say otherwise). And we got some good feedback on twitter.

New Orleans, as I well know, is a great place to experience. I mean, look at this Po’Boy:

A Large Dressed Roast Beef Po'Boy

Running in the  RubyConf Xk(I ran the 5k) was fun. I totally expected to be unable to jog the whole way, but I did. And, I upped my pace on the second lap coming in at a respectable 29:41. Not bad for someone who has not gotten enough exercise in recent months. Oh, and @tenderlove ran too, in spandex no less:

Heroic Race Finishers

I definitely need to up my silliness for the next Ruby conference I go to. I feel out classed.

All in all, I had a freaking blast.

RubyConf X and Associated Activities

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Tomorrow RubyConf begins. And, I will be there. I’m speaking, though not listed in the schedule yet(I’m filling in for John Woodell again). I’ll be talking about Dubious, a web framework written in Mirah, along with Bob Aman, who will be talking about AppEngine and Google’s new discoverable APIs.

I’ll also be doing some ruby processing + DRb stuff like we had at mountain.rb. See video:

I think this is the biggest conf I’ve been to so far, and I’m really looking forward to it.

It should be awesome and a lot of fun.