Mirah Office Hours: After the Hackathon

This Sunday, I wanted to merge master into newast again. A few bugs have been fixed since then, and I wanted to have the tests for those bugs in the newast branch, since that’s the future. I’d also cleaned up some of the tooling around running commands and wanted those changes merged in. Because I’m stubborn and hard headed I tried to actually merge master into newast, but that wasn’t a great option

merge hell

There were too many conflicts. Too many. And I couldn’t tell which ones were new changes and which when just things that were different. After making a couple attempts at using a merge and trying to break up the pieces one way or another, I found the answer. _git cherry-pick_ ftw. With cherry pick I could just merge the changes that had happened since the last merge–(https://github.com/mirah/mirah/compare/9a06b834…a86c3651) and not have to worry about all the other differences between the branches.

It worked pretty nicely, I cherry picked most of the changes without problems. Some of the commits that changed code that doesn’t exist any more, or has been converted to using the visitor pattern needed some modifications, but it was really straight forward.

What I didn’t merge in: bootclasspath

The –bootclasspath flag changes touched a number of things that I didn’t want to dig into this week, so I left those out. Fortunately, those changes were well factored, so I didn’t have to change much outside the commits making up that feature. I’m planning on checking that out next week. Check out this commit for more info.

In the future

Next time I work on a bug on master, I’ll try to get both newast and master fixed–if it makes sense. Doing it that way will make sure that they don’t get too out of sync.

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