Mountain West Ruby Conf Day 2

After yesterday, I have a lot of grokking to do. And, some projects to start.

The talks, like the day before were great. And having the opportunity to talk with so many people about what they do with ruby was enlightening.

I wanted to write up my thoughts about yesterday, but they haven’t really congealed yet.

Short summary:

  • Ruby is awesome.(of course)
  • I need to be more aware of my metaworkflow
  • Rhodes looks really slick.
  • Adhearsion would be fun to build something with(eg a podcast engine)
  • Destroy is a funny word to users(rails)
  • Of the bicycle gears of software development,cucumber is the outmost one
  • Suite.add(test) if test.value > test.cost
  • be extremely pedantic when you first start trying to use a new methodology–even if it sucks(in the ‘man, why all this typing’ sort of suckage you know makes you want to be lazy).
  • don’t confuse concise with terse.
  • maybe I should try to make a theramin sim with the wiimote
  • energy not time is the most precious resource

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