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Jssh firefox ubuntu 64bit

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

So, crazy webdev that I am, with my minor ruby obsession and an interest in doing more testing/specing stories etc, I found this interesting thing about using cucumber and firewatir together as a BDD friendly concoction.

So, there I was following the installation instructions for firewatir, when I ran across jssh (the javascript shell interface for firefox). Now, it is pretty cool, but it doesn’t play as well with Linux as it should. I faithfully followed the instructions and blamo — nothing.

So, then I did what any self respecting geek would — I looked it up on Google. There I found several ways of dealing with the problem, most of which involve compiling jssh into firefox from source. It is called minefield for a reason.

The earlier link didn’t work for me. I got a buffer overflow error, which some searching led me to think it might have something to do with using a 64bit os — don’t know why exactly.

So, I did more searching and delved into mozilla’s build docs. Turns out the method for compiling things has changed somewhat — depending.

What Worked for Me

Mostly, I followed the Simple Build instructions.
The main change I made was to use the .mozconfig and the make call from the earlier instructions.
Something like

hg clone -r default
cd mozilla-central
# Configure
cd js/src ; autoconf-2.13 ; cd ../..
make -f build