Kurt Vonnegut, so it goes.

It recently occurred to me that most of my hero’s are writers. I guess that’s not surprising given my love of books and literature and things. But writers, like all other hero’s, are human. They pass away. Now, am not particularly happy about it, but so it goes.

I sometimes wish I had more time with them, a chance to hear them speak. I saw kurt vonnegut on the daily show. He was not what I expected and precisely how he should be. I would have loved to see him more closely, at an auditorium or something.

Molly Ivins, who recently lost her battle with cancer, has a similar place in my heart. She almost came to my town once to give a talk, but she canceled and I didn’t see her. Then this year I found out she is gone. So it goes.

Hero’s give us hope and inspiration. I hope that I can face death with the determination and just plain guts of those two, my hero’s. But right now I need to live with that determination, to fight against those I oppose and to support those who need it.

So it goes.

  • mom

    i am proud of you. good things to stand for. never lose the courage and determination to bang the pots or whatever, for peace and justice! against oppression and greed to the detrement of others, especially, and attempting to find out those who lie and manipulate the system and deceive others for their own gain, whether for power, wealth or material gain; or just plain arrogance. love you lots and keep speaking out and writing. that will be the way to carry on these mentors words and values.