Peer 2 Peer II: Mobile

So, in Japan like I am now, I sometimes pick up on cool things.

Today’s cool thing is …

Peer 2 Peer networking on mobile phones. Exhibit A(has video, but the article is in Japanese)

That might not seem all that cool, but think about it. It is the next step towards whatever it is the future will be. I, as a computer scientist and a person with a little bit of business feeling, look at this and go, “Sweet, all sorts of things could be done with this.”

As near as I can figure, it runs off of BREW which if you follow the link you will realize the coolness of qualcomm’s creation.

But enough geeking out, at least in that way.

This has really interesting implications. The most obvious is for games, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to play, say, a real time strategy game with your highschool buddies on the train home(assuming you are indeed a Japanese highschool student). Or, it could be used for more practical things. Like chatting about girls( or guys for that matter).

Another cool application would be interactive map kind of like google maps along with some drawing application gets you to your friends house from the nearest station.

So, anyway, really cool.


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