Still Alive

Happy new year everybody.

Its been a long time since I last posted on this blog and much has changed.

  • I’ve graduated from the University with my BS in CS and Minor in Japan Studies, etc.
  • I moved to Illinois to live with Sara while she goes through library school and started working at Wolfram Research

That was a much shorter list than I thought. More then that has happened of course, but those are the two big things.

I have adjusted to living here mostly, but it is too flat and though I am about a mile from one of the premier CS campuses in the US I have not gotten to know any new geeky friends besides my coworkers(though there is nothing wrong with them)

My goals for this year (gotta list them, its new years)

I want to become a better Software Developer(who doesn’t)

I have gotten caught in the daily grind too much and let some of the things I should be practicing/learning go for a while. Well, vacation’s over. I had my months of cooling off after the hell that was my senior year(figuratively speaking). Now, I want to something to do for myself.

One of those things is this site, which is currently languishing in a lack of attention from me.
I had this grand plan of writing my own blogging software as an exercise, but having looked down that road afew times and gotten lazy I think I will compromise by moving to something more my style–like scanty.

Get Back in shape

I have put on a bit of weight over the holidays–stopped fencing for a while, stopped biking to work once the air got too cold–and now I need to get my systems back up to par. Better weather will help, but I really need to find more activities that I can do in cold weather.

Play some damn music

I got some good pipes, I like chasing after oral nasal resonance as much as the next man, but lately I have been out of the loop. This happened to me when I was in Japan too. Maybe I need 6 months in a place before I get sick of just being/exploring and want to get back to doing those things I can’t do without.

I play the guitar too.

Become more electronically social

Better living through electronics, and better friend tracking too(is that creepy?). Facebook sucks, but atleast some of the people I know are on it.

For a while I was somewhat active on the ruby usegroups. I learned alot about ruby from that experience. I should do more stuff like that, maybe through stackoverflow.

Twitter. I have less than 100 tweets and I have been on since march, whats up with that?

This blog counts too. I would like to post everyday–need to set up a time.

Through all that, I need to be myself, or atleast a reasonable simulcra thereof.

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