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Blogging is hard

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

The problem I have is pretty typical, I imagine. You start with the goal of writing something witty and hopefully interesting, and you sit in front of the screen and wait for ideas. The problem with this approach is that there is no context. The solution space is too big and you find yourself stuck, looking at a continuum of possibilities that is truly challenging.

When that happens, I write about writing.

I have never felt that I was particularly good at writing. Except for a brief period around middle school where I wanted to write science fiction. I started a story, wrote something like 11 pages, but I became bored with it, or maybe just felt I was at the point where I needed more structure.

It is always hard to come up with new things to say. It takes time or a spark, but once it starts and you get in the flow, it just comes. Programming works like that for me sometimes too. It is like writers block. I can see the problem, but it is just a cloud–an abstract set of possible needs and uses for the application. And, when the problem space is ill defined, so is the solution space.

Part of the problem is my knowledge of my abilities with regards to building software. I know that I can build almost anything( we build compositions of thought stuff), given time and a good plan. But, being able to build anything is different from building the right thing. I get caught up in the good that it is nigh impossible to build the good enough.

I figure I am not the first to face this issue, after all isn’t that the point of YAGNI, and things like BDD. Divide and Conquer yes, but first and formost start!

So this is a problem I have had with writing for longer than coding, and I deal with it in the same sort of way. Just start. At some point I find that I know enough, or I have the first word(or leaf of a synatx tree as it may be) and I just start working.

This not knowing enough to narrow the options is a problem that stops me from doing as much testing on my code as I would like to. I want to use BDD, etc, but I have a tough time discerning where I should use acceptance tests vs specs. But, I am dealing with this, by reading more docs and by reading more code. I don’t really like the tutorials that I see about testing for the most part because they don’t have any real meat. So, I have been surfing github looking for projects tests and reading them to get a feel for how others use them.

As a side effect, I am reading more code and becoming more familiar with others styles, which is never a bad idea.